SCOTA 2012 – VU2HEN, Idukki.

India’s First Scout Camp on the AIR – Training Camp (SCOTA Training Camp) for Rover Scouts was flagged from 24th – 25th November, 2012 at VU2HEN Repeater Location, Calvary Mount, Idukki. It was the first combined operation of Kerala State Bharat Scouts and Guides Rover Team and HAMs of Kerala State. The camp was organised by HAMs Emergency Communication Society (VU2HEN), Idukki which occupied 14 participants (8 Rovers from 132nd (Aluva) KAIRALI Open Scout Group and 6 HAMs from Society). The camp was led by Shri. Thulasidharan L.T. (S), State Training Commissioner (Kerala State).

This camp titles with the following merits:

1. The FIRST Scout Camp on the AIR (SCOTA) in INDIA organized for Scouts/Rover Scouts

2. The FIRST Radio Scouting Field Activity in KERALA (may be in INDIA) at an altitude of 1200 Meters form the Mean Sea Level (MSL) on both HF and VHF.

3. The FIRST Radio Expedition of VU2HEN (Idukki VHF Repeater) to contact various repeaters around the country and outside.

The SCOTA 2012 Team with State Training Commissioner (S)

and Assistant State Organizing Commissioner (S).


VU2HEN (Idukki VHF Repeater) – One of the strongest VHF Repeater Station for HAMs in India which is controlled by HAMs Emergency Communications Society, which heights 1184.5 Meters from MSL (Grid: 09.8155o N and 77.0253 o E) is situated on the Holiest Calvary Mount, just above the Iddukki Reservoir. The footprint of the repeater falls from Bangalore to Sri Lanka (Vertically) and Kasaragod to The Andamans (Horizontal).The misty winds and the panoramic view of the dam made the camp a memorable one.

VU2HEN – VHF Repeater Station, Calvary Mount, Idukki.


What is Scota?

SCOTA represents Scout Camp on the AIR which is a special training camp organised exclusively for Rover/Senior Scouts of Bharat Scouts and Guides, giving them a live demonstration on working of HAM related equipments like radio transceivers and repeaters. The camp gives intensive training to handle the operation of HAM radios in emergency or disaster management.

The camp includes training from experts and veteran HAMs of the state and may include special HAM radio activities.

VU2DTH (Manoj) giving basic training on HAM Radios to scouts at SCOTA Campsite.

Participation & Achievement:

Participation: The first SCOTA in India, that happened this year on 24th – 25th November 2012 (IDUKKI 2012) includes 8 Rover Scouts from 132nd (ALUVA) Kairali Open Scout Group and a team of 6 HAMs (Manoj (VU2DTH), Shambu (VU3XDA), Raju (VU2ONR), Parameshwaran Pillai (VU2PWN), Shaji (VU3VUL), Biju - SWL) from the HAMs Emergency Communication Society, Idukki. The camp was led by Shri. Thulasidharan L.T. (S), State Training Commissioner (Kerala State). The camp was visited by a troop of Scouts/Scouters from Kattappana Educational District along with Shri. David Joseph, Assistant State Organizing Commissioner (S) and Shri. Shoji Antony, District Secretary, Kattappana.

A visit to SCOTA Station from Kattappana Educational District, Kerala along with Shri. David Joseph, Assistant State Organizing Commissioner (S)

Achievement: The SCOTA 2012 Station was able to make around 60 contacts in 24 hours of time. The repeaters that can be accessed from the location are:

1. Idukki (VU2HEN) – Home Repeater

2. Trivandrum (VU2XT) - Kerala

3. Quillon (VU2CSD) - Kerala

4. Tanjore (VU2TJR) – Tamil Nadu

5. Yercuad (VU2YCD) – Tamil Nadu

6. Kodai – Tamil Nadu

7. Pathanamthitta – Kerala

8. Cochin – Kerala.

9. Trissur (VU2TWC) – Kerala

10. Kozhikkode – Kerala


The transmission in TEST Mode to all these repeaters were found successful with Vertical F23 Antenna.

Rovers on setting up BEAM Antenna towards Calicut and Yercuad.

The camp trained a team of Rover Scouts equipped of handling emergency assistance to HAMs in the state and was followed by a hike towards IDUKKI Arch Dam Base.

Photo Gallery:

The VU2HEN – Idukki VHF Repeater Location from a distance.

It is one of the strongest repeater station in INDIA.


Towards the CAMP: The HAM Team with equipments moving towards SCOTA Station


Vista: A view from SCOTA Campsite, Idukki


Inaugural Session: Camp Briefing by the Camp Co-ordinator.


The World Scout Flag and Bharat Scouts and Guides Flags flying at an altitude of 2000 Meters above Mean Sea Level.


Evening Breeze: Just before the Flag Lowering on the First day


Night View from VU2HEN, The SCOTA Campsite.


VU2ONR (Raju) Giving HF training to Rovers at night.


The Rover Team, with officials of the Society (Training Team)

and State Training Commissioner (S)


VU3VUL (Shaji) giving training on topic “Handling Emergency Operations”


Antennas Down: Antennas Switching Down before Flag Lowering.


State Training Commissioner receiving the WSF and BSG Flag from

the Assistant Camp Leader.


The trained SCOTA TEAM of ROVERS from KERALA

with STC (S) and SCOTA Training Team from VU2HEN!!


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